Do you want to be able to contact your landlord or landlords representative every day of the week even at unsociable hours?


Do you want a fixed price for the service you receive?


Do you want to pay directly for any maintenance work carried out?


Do you want landlords or landlord representatives who will happily refer you on if they cannot meet your requirements?



Things to Consider


We don't try to hide the fact that we are family business; that keeps us very approachable no matter whether you are a tenant or a home owner.


We have our list of tradesman who we know and use in our home and so we are comfortable using them on our rental properties as well as the ones we manage. In short, if we wouldn't let them work on ours, we wouldn't let them work on yours. Alternatively, you may wish to use your own.


All tenants and landlords alike have direct contact with us.


If we are unable to accommodate you in a property we look after we have various contacts we will happily put you in touch with.


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